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Altroz car images

Tata Altroz Images

Tata Altroz is a 5 seater hatchback car available at a price range of Rs. It is available in 18 variants and 5 colours. Tata Altroz comes with BS6 compliant petrol and diesel engine options. The Altroz has a boot space of litres while it's ground clearance is mm. The petrol engine of Altroz is a cc unit which generates a power of The cc diesel engine of Altroz puts out The Altroz is available only with a manual transmission.

The mileage of Altroz ranges from Tata has rolled out a special Founders Edition of the Altroz hatchback, limited to Tata employees. The Silver shade has been discontinued. Altroz Book Online Rs.

Good road presence. Supple ride and great balance between handling and comfort. Practical and spacious cabin. Petrol engine lacks refinement and is noisy. Gear shifts are clunky. Piano black accents on the outside easily pick up dust swirls. While the Altroz does not manage to set a new standard in the segment, it will fit right into the mix with a long feature list, sharp looks and a comfortable ride. The engine refinement remains to be the major chink in the armour.

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Update: The Tata Altroz has been launched at a starting price of Rs 5. Read our launch story for more details.

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So, this big hatch is making a big promise, and why not? So, has it? On the outskirts of Jaisalmer, we watch as the soft rays of the morning glance off the Altroz. Interestingly, like the Albatross the Altroz also has prominent dark eyebrows for a stern look. The projector units for the low beam only highlight this sensation.

The ORVMs, roof and the taillamps are finished in contrasting black which adds a touch of stealthiness. Also, like the Albatross which boasts a wingspan of 11 feet, the Altroz looks very confident. It is 10mm wider than the next widest car in the class, the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. The Altroz' lines seem to be sculpted like a bird diving for prey. The hood and the blacked-out sash under the window line races towards the C-pillar making the Alroz look fast even at a standstill.Tata Motors is on a path of transformation.

The Indian carmaker wants to move away from its old-school rickety style to a modern marquee. And the shift is underway with the introduction of successful products like the Tiago and Nexon. The premium hatchback will be showcased at the Auto Expo at least in the concept guise.

Looking at the images that we have at our disposal, it is evident that the Altroz will be styled quite similar to the Tiago, but we hope it gets some brawn from the Hexa as well. In terms of size, the Altroz is visually longer than the Tiago but Tata will certainly not go over four metres in length to benefit from the tax regulations. There are information with regards to the cabin and powertrain available at the moment.

However, we expect the premium hatchback to pack in the modern interior as we have seen in the new Nexon. The floating screen, with smartphone connectivity, airbags with ABS, and climate control will be part of the long equipment list as well.

Under the hood might be the same 1. This segment is highly competitive at the moment due to the segment shift and Tata needs to burn the midnight oil if it wants a large piece of pie in this segment dominated by the Baleno. It will be produced at Tata's Sanand facility in Gujarat. In terms of driving dynamics, it doesn't disappoint either with its well-sorted steering response, adequate ride quality and superb brakes. However, the pricing could have undercut its rivals though to make the Altroz furthermore desirable.

Under the hood of the forced-induced Altroz is the same engine that you also see in the Nexon. Now, this is a significant bump in power when you compare it to the naturally aspirated 1. So the Polo 1 litre TSI makes the same amount of power, bhp but significantly more torque at Nm.

The new i20 also gets a 1-litre turbo unit, but that makes a whopping bhp and Nm of torque.

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So compared to its turbocharged competition, suddenly the Altroz feels a little ordinary, but is it? Not really, the bump in power is noticeable. The Altroz iTurbo responds very well the moment you dab the throttle. Acceleration off the mark feels brisk and the car builds speed quickly. The turbo means, the midrange is strong and drivability is a strong suit.

The Altroz turbo also gets a sports mode which does sharpen the throttle response. What could have been better though is the gear shift quality.

The shift feels rubbery and the gear throw could also have been shorter to make for a sportier driving experience. What is impressive though is that even with the significant bump in power, Tata claims that the Altroz iTurbo delivers a claimed fuel efficiency of Now talking about the ride and handling, Tata tells us that there are no major changes made to either the suspension or the brakes.

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Which means ride quality is still on the stiffer side. While small undulation and uneven patches aren't an issue, the Altroz does thud and crash over the ruts and sharp concrete joints. The steering too is on the heavier side and at slow speeds, it does press its weight.

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While there isn't too much feel, the heavy steering and the stiff suspension do make the Altroz a very neutral handler. It changes direction quickly and one can enjoy the twisties. First up, ingress-egress is an absolute breeze.Altroz's futuristic and edgy front design with sharp cuts will surely please your eyes and keep you marvelled.

The fine line between style and sophistication. Catch the debut of this urban car from the future, at the Geneva International Motor Show The finest in color and craftsmanship. I am more than what you see. Altroz UrbanCarRedefined. Tata Altroz - TheGoldStandard. Arriving in January Fall in love with the Gold. Altroz - TheGoldStandard - arriving in January Be mesmerized by the gold. Altroz Arriving January It's going to be here in a flash.

Ready to experience the TheGoldStandard? Altroz arrives in January Subscribe with Whatsapp. Your request has been received.

Altroz Photos Gallery

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Email Please enter valid email. Submit Or Chat with us on Whatsapp.Design and build quality is good, performance is better and cruise is a better option in this perticular hatch segment. Overall too good. More stylish. More spaces. Performance wise not bad. Best suitable car for a family. My altroz is giving me an average mileage of 12 kmpl only. In economy mode im hetting an avg mileage of 16kmpl. It have a slow power delivery in 1 st and 2nd gear. Everything else for this car is awesome.

Brakes, Infotainment system, Looks, Suspension, Stability everthing is excellent. Tata Altroz, The Gold Standard Tata Altroz is the company's first venture in premium hatchback segment. This is safer and packed with features let's explore Ththis Gold Standard Car Th e looks are given as a part of 'Impact 2.

From front the position of the fog lamps are seen a little above the regular placement. Even though the car gets projector headlights, they are not LEDs.

The tripod stand like grill slots look appealing. This design is followed somewhere also. From the side we have certain elements to note.

The piano black finish for the ORVMs and the positioning of turn indicators to the body are some of them. The rear door handle also have been moved to the C pillar. The 16 inch alloys looks well proportionate to the car.

altroz car images

Towards the back side we can see the blacked taillights. Like I said above the rear end is also distinct with its cutting edges. Getting in is not a task at all. The interior have a floating touch screen infotainment panel surrounded by an ambient light setup. The car have a semi-digital instrument cluster.Inspired by the world of laser carving, the exteriors of Altroz exemplify athletic sharpness. Design so sharp, it cuts through the air like a hot knife through butter.

Infotainment system by Harman TM leaves no stone unturned. Equipped with an advanced It offers a range of innovative features developed in India for India. Experience the exhilarating performance of Altroz with powerful BS6 petrol and diesel engines, fine-tuned suspension and comprehensive control and to conquer every city road.

Set ablaze every trail with an impressive new 1. Step inside and be amazed by the modern, intelligent and tastefully crafter interiors. Thanks to Premium leatherette seats, personalized wallpaper, rear AC vents, flat floor design and degree opening doors.

Experience luxurious comfort every mile of the drive. Offering the first of its kind factory- fitted customization in India, with 6 different optional packs to customize your favorite variant.

Altroz's futuristic and edgy front design with sharp cuts will surely please your eyes and keep you marvelled. The fine line between style and sophistication. Catch the debut of this urban car from the future, at the Geneva International Motor Show The finest in color and craftsmanship. I am more than what you see. Altroz UrbanCarRedefined. Tata Altroz - TheGoldStandard. Arriving in January Fall in love with the Gold. Altroz - TheGoldStandard - arriving in January BetBull holds customer funds separate from company funds in a client account.

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altroz car images

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altroz car images

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